Monday, January 18, 2010


The scientists of the world have agreed that all evidence points to the theory of evolution as existing.  However, the mechanism for evolution has been assumed to be natural selection, which is quite possible.  The evidence for natural selection is in "superbugs," which are bacteria that have evolved to be resistant to our medications.  Whatever the underlying mechanism for evolution, the premise is that random mutations of genes, along with a "selective pressure," causes evolutions in biology.

However, I am reminded of the concept of diffusion, and how a person's willpower along with chaotic motion can change different concentrations of gases.  Allow me to elucidate by means of an example.  If we desire to open a syringe we create a selective pressure gradient, and the mechanism of diffusion allows for a change in different densities of gases to flow in the syringe.  So if we think about the idea of intelligent design as analogous, is it dismissible?  For example, if "nature's" or "God's" will was for a species to evolve in a certain way, couldn't that willpower be used to create a selective pressure, and the mechanisms of random genetic mutations along with natural selection would take over to produce the "willed" outcome?  It isn't unreasonable to assume that if humans have willpower, then nature couldn't also have willpower.  Until we can quantify willpower, we can't simply dismiss intelligent design as religious babble.  However, it should also be noted that the direction of increased entropy is always followed (the laws of thermodynamics), and hence perhaps willpower is just an illusion.  This will have to be reconciled as well before intelligent design is scientifically accepted or dismissed.

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