Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Day In The Life Of...

Here's an interesting way of thinking about life and perhaps putting it in perspective.  This may be motivational or demotivational to you; I'm not sure.

So let us say that you will live to 80 years old, which is reasonable in America.  Assume that your life was compressed into a single day.  Here is what it would look like.

Hour Age
6am - 7am 0 - 5 years old You just wake up. You're still a bit groggy, and are getting used to your surroundings.
7am - 9am 6 - 15 years old You are up and exploring the world around you. Going through some trials and having some fun.
9am - 11am 16 - 25 years old You venture outside, go to some parties, and hang out with your friends
11am - noon 26 - 30 years old You first arrive at work, and try to prove that you belong to be there
noon - 7pm 31 - 65 years old Your most productive hours at your job, and the time you really establish your place.
7pm - 8pm 66 - 70 years old You start to leave and retire for the evening
8pm - 10pm 71 - 80 years old This is your time to do as you please. Have a few drinks before bed, and enjoy yourself.
At 24 years old, It's only around 10:50 am for me; I have a long day ahead of me and must get to work!

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  1. =) This is very cute! It's motivational to me, in that I don't want to spend 8 hours of my life in a day thinking only of work.